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Butterfly – Bodypainting Illusion

The creative process

Johannes Stötter continues to mesmerize fans, audiences and art enthusiasts with his mind-boggling body painting illusions, this time with his newest creation, “Butterfly”. As a symbol of Johannes’s happiness and love, he dedicated this beautiful bodypainting to his little daughter Linnéa. A special moment is sometimes more special when shared with others, and when Johannes posted a photo of his butterfly creation on social media, he expressed with much warmth, “This picture makes me sooo happy! I share it in the hope that it has the same effect on all of you”.

The photo portrays a bright colored butterfly resting gracefully upon a big yellow flower. Looking closer into the details, one can barely notice the features of a human body within the art which is the beauty of Johannes’s bodypainting illusions. The idea behind this was not created overnight, but developed and perfected over 3 years. While looking at butterfly imagery, Johannes’s creative mind saw not only the beauty, but the, uniform and distinctive shape of the butterfly. With this in mind, he visualized the symmetrical shape being formed by the human body, in such a way that many people may not imagine.

Like the life stages of a butterfly, Johannes brought his idea to life, starting with a small sketch of the positioning, which was re-created on a real person. He drew a larger sketch next, adding color, details, dimension and structure; this was when the visuals started to emerge. After one week of creating the initial work, Johannes re-created it for a second time, making significant improvements to the design, but he was not ready to publicize his art piece just yet, and side-lined the project until now.

In 2019, Johannes decided to premiere his ‘Butterfly’ creation to the world in his UV live show “Rebloom”. However, during the lead up to the show he noticed there was room to make further enhancements to the illusion. Being the perfectionist that Johannes is he redid the ‘Butterfly’ three more times, once for a photo and twice for a video shoot. Apart from the innovation and brilliance of Johannes’s creation, the idea behind “Rebloom” was about unveiling the ‘Butterfly’ to the public for the first time followed by the final photo and video.

Making Of Photos


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Johannes Stötter

The Master of Illusions

Professional artist Johannes Stötter is known for his groundbreaking work in the realm of body painting and body art. His 2013 creation of a tropical frog using 5 models went viral, propelling his career into another stratosphere. As a world renowned phenomenon, Johannes has won numerous awards, reached various milestones and received several accolades from notable press. Based in northern Italy, he resides in a small town in the Alps; holding a deep connection with nature, he gains much of his inspiration. Guided by his life’s philosophy, and motivated by everyday life, his fascination with people of various cultures allows his ingenuity to flourish.

Rather than a static canvas, Johannes transfers his art onto live models, which enhances the connectivity between the artist, person and art-form. Bringing his artwork to life with each brush stroke, and creating detailed effects with his hands, he fuses the seen and unseen into one. Often blending his art into the backdrop of natural landscapes or indoor décor, he creates illusionary masterpieces, portraying the beauty of life forms within its very existence and vulnerability.

Mind-blowing, astounding, and inspirational, his ability to select the perfect shades of colour is as accurate as an “eyedropper tool”. Making it seem effortless, his distinctive technique compliments his peculiar, yet driven and passionate persona; as he brilliantly paints his vision, transforming each model piece by piece. Born into a lifestyle that revolves around intertwining elements of creativity, spirituality and alternative living, music is also an integral part of his artistic expression.

With a high spirit and powerful creative sense, he teaches at bodypainting workshops, and exhibits his work all around the globe. His ability to touch the hearts of others and spark positivity through his art is by far one of Johannes’s utmost successes.

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